The mutual understanding of drivers and pedestrians has always been not at the highest level, even taking into account the fact that each tried on at least once in his life, and that and the other role. To establish order on the road, traffic rules were created, where the rights and obligations of each party are clearly spelled out and the possible consequences in case of violation of these rules are indicated, says an aggressive driving ticket in Virginia. It would seem that everything is clear and there should not be problems, but in reality the effectiveness of these rules is no more than 70%. Hundreds of thousands of car accidents happen on roads around the world every day. A car crash is not just an accident on the road that caused a car malfunction, it is often human victims. The rules of the road must be observed by all without exception – these are the rules of life. Here are the main rules for the driver:

  • never drive behind in the state of alcohol and drug intoxication;
  • comply with the speed limits;
  • be attentive and aware that a car, not a pedestrian, is a threat to human life on the road;
  • in a situation where a pedestrian deliberately violates the traffic rules, does not fall into an aggressive state and does not try to harm his/her health. If possible, inform law enforcement officers about the violation. Then the pedestrian will be punished by a fine.

According to an aggressive driving ticket in Virginia, here are the main rules for a pedestrian:

  • cross the road only in specially designated places (pedestrian zebra, underground passage, etc.;
  • Never run across a red traffic light, even if there are no cars in the field of view;
  • if the pedestrian crossing is not regulated by traffic lights, make sure that your safety is not threatened before crossing the road;
  • the bus must be traversed from behind, and the tram from the front; and
  • in a situation where the driver is clearly not going to slow down at a pedestrian crossing, it is better to skip it, saving his health. If possible, remember the number of the car and report the violation to traffic police authorities, suggests an aggressive driving ticket in Virginia.


Children – the most expensive for each parent. Time flies imperceptibly, and yesterday’s baby is a first-grader. Cars on the road are a serious danger that a child now has to face every day on the way to school and home. And if before that time the baby was not taught to cross the road on his/her own, now it is necessary to do it.

To simplify the perception of new information, it is better to present it in a playful form. At home, depict a pedestrian zebra, a traffic light, and a sign of a pedestrian crossing and play two situations: in the first variant the child crosses the road through a transition regulated by a traffic light, in the second – not regulated. According to an aggressive driving ticket in Virginia, after the basics have been mastered, it is necessary to conduct practical exercises among the flow of machines. Teaching a child to cross the road is necessary until he learns the material perfectly. You can come up with a small poem, which he can pronounce each time he has difficulty in moving. For example, “red light – the fire is on, yellow is ready, and green – go to the road and fire carcass.”

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