Child Pornography Laws in Hanover, Virginia

Child pornography laws in Hanover, Virginia specifically identifies that child pornography is unlawful under the law of federal government. Child pornography has been declared legally offensive by the Supreme Court of the United States. A person found producing, distributing, receiving or purchasing any kind of child pornographic content, will be sentenced to prison and also will be charged fine.

Child pornography is a kind of pornography that involves the portrayal of sexual activities including children under the age of consent for the purpose of sexual stimulation. It can be in many forms such as films, pictures, magazines, sculptures, paintings, cartoons, voice recordings, postcards, books, video games and magazines.

For the production of child pornography in Hanover, thousands of children of every age even infants are sexually abused.

Child pornography laws in Hanover, Virginia are considering this issue very seriously because Child pornography has been growing rapidly since last two decades and this needs a full stop for the protection of children from sexual abuse. Child pornography law makers have estimated that the makers of child pornography have recorded the sexual abuse of about a million innocent children in the state. Child pornography laws in Hanover are still under consideration for taking more safety measures against the raping of infants and toddlers. According to the Child pornography laws in Hanover, Virginia the higher demand of child pornography on the porn websites is a major cause of the abduction and the sexual abuse of children.

Child pornography laws in Hanover, Virginia are enforced for Child pornography on the basis of the severity level. There are total 10 stages of Child pornography, and 5 stages in which prison is sentenced. The 10 stages are Indicative, Nudist, Erotica, Posing, Erotic Posing, Explicit Erotic Posing, Explicit Erotic Posing, Explicit Sexual Activity, Assault, Gross Assault, Sadistic or Bestiality.

Child pornography laws in Hanover, Virginia signifies three separate felony charges for the production, possession and distribution of any content involving Child pornography. The possession of pornographic picture of children will result in the harshest punishment like prison, heavy fines, a criminal record and they will be registered as a sex offender.

Any resident of Hanover found with the pornographic images or videos will be convicted under VA Statute 18.2 – 374.1: 1 and also will be considered as a Class 6 felony guilty. Class 6 felonies can result in prison for about 5 years of imprisonment and a maximum of $2,500 fine. Moreover, under this conviction, there are other penalties too, like preventing the offender from accessing the internet. Also, their computers and phones are restricted to surfing any porn site and are allowed for specific computer programs and web browsing.

Some people are accused of Child pornography, even if they are not involved in such acts. In Hanover, Defense attorney in against Child pornography helps in getting an innocent out of this trap and makes sure that a man that has not been into any sexual crime is provided complete freedom and respect. The defense attorney provides complete guidance and assistance for the best possible results and also guides you with more investigative sources that might help in the case.