Fairfax Virginia Narcotics Laws

Drug laws in the state of Virginia are regarded as the harshest in the US. To make drug laws firmer, Virginia has imposed its drug control act, other than the federal act. Violation of drug law by recreational activity results in severe consequences for the offender. In Fairfax County, a number of people especially teenagers are caught with drug substances and are a charge for violation of Fairfax Virginia narcotics laws. Though breach of such law does not affect any harm to other person or is a non-violent crime, it can lead to a felony penalty. The charges are issued after examining the amount of substance taken. For example, possession of marijuana is a misdemeanor penalty which is punishable by 30 days of incarceration with a maximum fine of $500, but that is the case for the first time offender. If you are convicted twice or thrice or more than that, your conviction can be extended from, 30 days to 12 years, and the monetary penalty will increase up to $2,500.
Fairfax Virginia narcotics laws forbid person from taking illicit substance without the prescription of an expert. Other drugs such as cocaine, crystal meth, and hash are also considered as illegal drugs whose possession can have adverse impacts upon the person. Though many changes have been made in drug laws of other states, possession of drugs in Virginia is still a criminal offense. In the case of second or third-time offense, the judges regard the case of serious nature and utter their verdicts most aggressively. In case you are charged with this offense, your license will be canceled upon the first development of the case. Subsequently, you can be called any time by the investigating team to obtain information and establish a more strong case. In this way, you will find yourself hopeless, and you and your family’s reputation will be degraded. To avoid such a situation, you need guidance and assistance of any lawyer who takes up cases of drug possession. Because the lawyers can fully understand Fairfax Virginia narcotics laws and can handle court procedures very firmly, you are suggested to discuss your case with any relevant lawyer. You always get ample time between your arrest and your first summon. In the midway, you must approach any criminal lawyer sans wasting time. The lawyer will help you out during face court trials and the investigation against your case. He will also make you learn basic Fairfax Virginia narcotics laws existent in the state so you may not face any charges thereafter.

After consulting with any expert lawyer, you must feel satisfied because from now, it is the lawyer’s responsibility to represent your case in the court in a legal manner. If you are a first-time offender, the lawyer’s first priority is to defer the case or dismiss charges against you by making a plea deal with the prosecution. Besides, he can also advise you to take diversion programs in order to abandon court conviction. Thus, seeking support of a lawyer can help you learn Fairfax Virginia narcotics laws and continue your life in a tranquil manner.