Loudoun Virginia Drug Defense Attorney

Loudoun Virginia drugs laws are harsh and can cause one to face severe punishments. It is considered one of the most heinous crimes in Loudoun Virginia. If you are accused of the crime, it is not easy for you to get out of this without the assistance of Loudoun Virginia drug defense Attorney. The attorneys are well versed in the handling of such offensive criminal crimes and know the art to prepare a strong case in your defense to keep you safe from the confrontation of harsh penalties.

Transporting of controlled substance in Loudoun Virginia  

If a person accuses of drugs with an intention to sell or distribute one ounce of cocaine, five ounces of marijuana or I or ii controlled substance, it becomes essential to faces section code 18.2-2-248.01. A person accuses of transporting controlled substance requires facing felony convictions that compel a person to confront 40 years of imprisonment with a fine of $1million. On the other hand, under the section code of 18.2-248.01, a person has one conviction before the commitment of the violation again confronts the same penalties with imprisonment of 10 years. These complex legal issues are beyond the understanding of ordinary person if you are accused of such offensive crime, it is important to make an immediate appoint to consult Loudoun Virginia Drug Defense Attorney who can make you understand the legal complications and sensitivity of the criminal offense.

Possession of Controlled Substance in Loudoun Virginia

It is considered an illegal crime if a person has intentionally possess controlled substances or get it without valid prescription comes under the section code of 18.2-250. The law under the section code requires a person to face the penalties such as Class 5 felony with imprisonment of 10 years or may lead more than 12 years imprisonment on the discretion of the judge and the jury and fine of $2,500 regarding possessing I to II controlled substance. For the posseting of III controlled substance, it makes person Class 1 misdemeanor that can cause imprisonment of 12 years or a fine of $2,500. A person for possessing IV controlled substance considers for Class 2 misdemeanor and punished for 6 months imprisonment or fine of $1000. Those accuse of such severe crime; it becomes critically important to consult Loudoun Virginia Drug Defense Attorney. It is useless to waste time on tackling the matter on your own and take guidance of an attorney to make you out of the trouble.

Distributing controlled substance

It is an undeniable fact that Loudoun Virginia Drug Defense Attorney knows a lot about legal complications and can let you know about them in detail to acknowledge the sensitivity of your case. If you are accused of possessing a controlled substance, the attorney can let you know that you are guilty of the felony. It can cause a person to face 10 to 50 years of imprisonment and a fine of $1 million. If a person is accused of distributing I or II controlled substance, it enhances two more years in the imprisonment.

Consult an Attorney   

The sensitivity of the crime requires a person to hire Loudoun Virginia Drug Defense Attorney who can help you to restore your reputation in society and make you free from the confrontation of the penalties.