Reckless Driving Petersburg Virginia law

Every country or state has its rules which has been created and enforced through the government so that state can achieve a certain kind of environment. Basically laws are there to ensure that communities or the individuals of that certain community can actually get a safe and better life. As every state has its laws, Virginia also have one, but the difference is that, Virginia’s law id stricter than the other states. Every state has a complete code of rules and regulations which covers all the activities going on in that state. If it is about rules and laws then reckless driving should have some part in it. The complete code of Virginia has many sections and articles for reckless driving. The major and quite general law is under section code § 46.2-862 which actually explains that the fast driving in which driver exceed 20mph or more above the mentioned speed then it will be considered as reckless driving, it gives one more point that if speed exceeds 80mph then that will be also under reckless driving. Reckless driving is considered as an offense in not only Virginia but in the whole world, and it do possess high punishments. According to Virginia law, the person found guilty for reckless driving will be sentenced for maximum jail of one year, a fine of $2500, or the suspension of his/her driving license for six months. Apart from this the person will get 6 demerit points in his/her driving record which will remain there for eleven years.

Virginia Law contains at more than 20 sections and articles just for reckless driving. Commonly reckless driving includes § 46.2-852. Reckless driving; general rule: According to this rule any person who is driving and recklessly and putting the life, limb or property of any person in danger, regardless the speed limit allowed, that person will be guilty of reckless driving, section § 46.2-862. For exceeding speed limit and section § 46.2-868. For reckless driving; penalties.

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